Joseph and Bridget Farmer, Artists

Cultivated Art by Joseph and Bridget Farmer

Art by the show, by the piece, by this website or by commission !!


ONE MANS TRASH IS OUR MEDIA.  We use old metal of any type and we turn it into musical pieces, animals, flowers, and designs beyond your imagination.

Shows !

March 27-28 2015

Bayou City Art Festival Memorial Park
Houston TX

April 3-5, 2015
Deep Ellum Art Festival
Dallas, TX

April 10-12, 2015
Woodlands Waterway Art Show
The Woodlands, TX


May 14-17, 2015
Tulsa International Mayfest
Tulsa, OK

June 13-14, 2015
Talbot Street Art Fair
Indianapolis, IN

Click here to see more at our photo gallery:

You have something you want turned into a work of art piece? If you do, but don't know what you want, we'll help you come up with something that'll be...beyond your imagination... 

Hog Fish, Yes, a Harley Davidson Hog gas tank made into a hogfish. Some people say that hogfish is the best tasting saltwater fish, well, we made the best looking one! About 30" tall.
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